When returning home it is surely an airplane.

Actually before, I have once lost my ticket.

Actually before, I have once lost my ticket. When I was 20 years old, when I first went on a trip to Osaka with my friend, I had forgotten my baggage on my way back in the taxi. At that time, luckily, my friend got a taxi receipt, so I was able to make a phone call at once, but it took time to have my baggage reviewed, Only a friend finally took an airplane in the end. I can not forget the feeling of that time when I remained at the airport. Since all of the mobile phone, wallet etc was in the bag, we could not even call someone, it was a panic. Also, because it was a ticket included in the tour, we were unable to refund as well, and we were at a loss despite being told that all the flights on that day were full. Anyway, I kept waiting at the taxi rank and eventually the taxi came back was an hour after my friend went. An uncle of a taxi who knew the circumstances took over if there was not an airplane and as soon as the vacancy came out, it would be possible to get on an airplane without any overpayment and it was a relief. I looked at the kindness of people around me. We were able to vacate safely on this day and we were able to return by flight at night, but since this one case, we have to wear flight tickets and tickets surely and always have personal items such as bags I began to consciously spend it. Because it was a domestic trip, I was able to go home safely though many words and flight numbers were able to return safely but if I thought that this was overseas travel ... I will be horrified.

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