When returning home it is surely an airplane.

I imagined what happened when I lost my ticket.

I imagined what happened when I lost my ticket. If you lose it earlier than the day you board the plane, you will first be able to find every possible place ... But you are on the verge of being impatient, so I'm looking for a place to consider different ... afterwards Turn on the power of the personal computer and access the website of the airline company. I will investigate the telephone number of a place like a customer consultation center, and make a phone call to explain the circumstances. If you lose it at the airport on the day you board, it will be quite panic. I'm sure that I will calm down first and tell myself to calm down. Then tell them that they ran to the airport counter at the dash and lost their tickets! Even if I lose my ticket, if I reserve it by my name, will I show my identity card and will not reissue? I think that I will desperately appeal it at the airport counter. Normally, when traveling, before leaving the house, be sure to check that the air ticket is in the bag before going out! I wish for things not to happen in reality.

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